About russischprofi

We are an experienced team of qualified translators and interpreters successfully working for clients in Cologne / Bonn / Duesseldorf, as well as at the national and international level.

We offer our service in the following language combinations:


  • German » Russian » German
  • English » Russian


  • German » Russian » German

We bring your message right to the point!

By transferring your texts into eloquent and stylistically-confident Russian, we can help your company become more successful throughout the Eastern Europe markets. Similarly, through our interpreting assignments, we are able to provide a first-class professional communication service, which will allow you to drive your international business forward and avoid any intercultural misunderstandings.

We will be glad to send you an individual price quote - please contact us to discuss your project.

In order to provide translation and interpeting service of high quality we focus on the certain areas of expertise, i.e., fields in which we have sufficient knowledge and work experience. Our branch knowledge is your advantage.


In addition to the transltion and interpreting service we are happy to edit your Russian texts.

  • Text review: proofreading, stylistic review of the formulations and expressions, checking the technical terms, and localization.
  • Alteration of existing translations: changes and refinements - both large and small - on your contract documents, catalogues or brochures.
  • Final proofs: the last control level before release for printing.